• Project Management
    Project management tools are designed to aid an effective approach to compiling the various aspects of a project. A project can be defined as set of work that will be completed by an individual or a group of individuals (usually a team, organisation or a small company) to produce a distinct, consistent and independent result.
  • The Island of Notes
    Oceanography is the science that studies the changes that occur in the physical and human environment which results in the changes of layers of air, literature, biology and rock. There are many scientific disciplines that are related to this. The geography, biology, and geology are all related to oceanography. The fields of geography, biology and
  • Universal Screening – Understanding the Power Behind School-Wide Testing Systems
    K-16 School Testing is moving nationwide as schools across the country adopt strategies that make sense politically and financially. Receiving federal funding for school diversity bonuses, Race Education Policies (arya), and “Individuals with Disabilities” (IDE) Grant has added up to a new wrinkle in the misunderstood concept of “universal” school reform. But do these new
  • Vocabulary Building Exercises
    Building your vocabulary is an important part of your professional and social life. Nobody makes a greater first impression than a well-spoken person with a wide vocabulary. It is essential that you prepare your vocabulary for upcoming projects, lectures, and other activities. Building your vocabulary does not have to be an arduous task. All of
  • History of sharpshooting
    The term ‘sharpshooting’ is a 19th century term that refers to the custom of shooting blanks using a ranged weapon. Such weapons as muskets and carbine rifles were commonly used to fire the bullets. The term can also be extended for the process of firing applied powder charge to firearms. The term refers to the